If my vehicle is not drivable, how do I get it to your facility?

  • You can have any towing company tow it here. We frequently work with:
    •  Dick's Towing - 952-432-2848
    • Allen's Towing - 952-894-1000
    • Marek's Towing - 952-469-3182
    • Mark's Towing - 651-454-1533
    • Chief's Towing - 952-888-2201

Do I have a choice where my vehicle is repaired?

  • The Minnesota Fair Claims Practices Act (law) states that you do have the right to choose the facility of which your vehicle is fixed to its pre-accident condition. Lakeville Collision works with all insurgence companies to ensure and provide the best service to our clients. We specialize in domestic and import vehicles for your convenience. 

Is Lakeville Collision environmentally friendly?

  • Yes. Lakeville Collision Recycles scrap metal, nuts, bolts, and related materials. We also conserve resources by using our upgraded spray booth to conserve heat and electricity. Lakeville Collision also recycles and reuses pain solvents, cardboard , paper, and other business waste items. We are always looking for new ways to minimize the amount of waste that our facility produces.


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